Welcome to SSPDO

OFUSS is an independent non-political, non-religious non-profit organization that was founded June 23, 2007 in Copenhagen by a group of enthusiasts Somalis from different parts of Denmark, who are passionate about making a difference for peace and development Somalia and to strengthen and promote the inclusion and integration challenges that the Somali community is facing in Denmark. Currently the organization has over 500 members who support the work that OFUSS performs in different parts of Denmark and Somalia.
In the last 20 years, the civil war in Somalia left a large number of the disabled community who need support.
The organization will continue to respond to the needs of victims inside and outside Somalia. We also have serious and determined commitment to integrate the Somali community in Denmark to participate in the labor market and the education system as well as being active in other social activities. OFUSS struggling to support peace, good governance, social justice, gender equality, combating poverty, inequality and deprivation for all people regardless of race, sex, religion in health, food security and education.