The overall mission of the organization is:

To develop and promote ways to help local institutions in Somalia and the Somali diaspora abroad, to understand and appreciate their role in human development and the issue associated with the Somali government thus laying a strong foundation based on good governance, the fight against corruption and introducing transparency in government institutions for current and future generations.

The overall objective of the organization is:

To contribute to strengthening social cohesion between the Somali community in the world to peace and development occurring in Somalia and its people now and in the future.

In achieving its mission, goals, and in accordance with its mandate, the organization has the following main objectives:

– To strengthen local institutions to better fulfill their roles in peace and development.

– To build the capacity of target groups

– Raising awareness about the peaceful resolution of conflicts nationally and ensure that individuals and organizations are       qualified to handle conflicts in a sensible way. 

– Respond to the Humanitarian catastrophe in the horn of Africa: saving lives of many children, women and elderly people at risk.